Report: Paper reveals Taliban softening stance on girls’ education

Leaders of the Afghan Taliban have pledged to promote women’s education as part of an apparent attempt to restart peace talks with the West, according to a document seen by a British newspaper.

“Women are also a big part of our human society,” the document shown to The Sunday Times states.

“The Islamic emirate will create a level ground for women’s education in light of its constitution,” according to the document written in Pashto, the language spoken by the vast majority of the Taliban’s members, the newspaper reported.

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F. Brinley Bruton has been a journalist for 15, and worked in Kabul, Mexico City, Philadelphia, and New York City. Now based in London, she is a editor, producer and senior writer at, a leader in breaking news and original journalism online that gets over a billion page views a month. Before joining -- which became in 2012 -- Brinley wrote about security, business and finance, international development and women’s issues. She has worked at Reuters in London and New York, and her pieces have appeared in the New Statesman, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Long Island Newsday, The Star-Ledger, and Arabies Trends, among others. She also wrote and blogged for AlertNet, Reuters’ humanitarian news website.
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3 Responses to Report: Paper reveals Taliban softening stance on girls’ education

  1. lowerarchy says:

    Nice to meet you and nice post.Let’s hope they really mean it.
    I was reading about British involvement with radical Islamic groups earlier today and read that the UK’s SAS trained many of the region’s most dangerous men in military skills in secret camps in England during the 80s. Among them were Mullah Omar’s then superiors and other well-known Jihadis.
    Also read quote from Winston Churchill regarding setting up House of Saud to become Saudi Arabia. He said, “Ibn Saud’s Wahhabis were austere, intolerant, well-armed and blood thirsty and they hold it as an article of duty, as well as of faith, to kill all who do not share their opinions, and to make slaves of their wives and children. Women have been put to death for simply appearing in the streets.” Page 12 in Secret Affairs; Britain’s collusion with Radical Islam, by Mark Curtis.

    • Hi – thanks for the interesting comment. What interests me in this debate is the extent to which the UK and US have deal w/ groups and govts that espouse extremist ideas and / or abuse human rights. Don’t have to look very far (US support for extremists and ‘warlords’ in pre and post-Taliban Afghanistan, for example) or only at the issue of Islam (US support for repressive regimes in Chile, Guatemala, apartheid South Africa) to see foreign policy is largely about political expediency.

      • lowerarchy says:

        Exactly – which is in stark contrast to the public pronouncements of democracy, empowering women and building civic society. The Great Game is alive and well and for the players it’s still the only game in town.

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