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‘Our generation is a lost cause’: Spain’s youth struggle to chart a life amid economic crisis

MADRID, Spain – In a country where more than 55 percent of young people are unemployed, even an obsession with bolstering your resume is no guarantee of success. Barbara Victoria Palomares-Romero, 22, is qualified to work in restaurants, nurseries and … Continue reading

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How the US military can become a ‘band of brothers and sisters’

Even before she moved to Israel, Minnesota-born Cpl. Arrielle Werner was certain she possessed what it took to fight on the front lines. “I realized that I couldn’t be the passive Minnesotan,” said the 21-year-old member of Israel’s majority female Caracal Battalion, … Continue reading

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‘Pushed aside’: Turkey’s Kurds lose hope

‘Pushed aside’: Turkey’s Kurds lose hope.

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‘Meet the Superhumans’: Paralympians burst onto world stage

Lovely piece by fab colleague Jamieson Lesko — ‘Meet the Superhumans’: Paralympians burst onto world stage.

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Spain’s economic crisis turns middle-class families into illegal squatters

TERRASSA, Spain — Ana Valderrama and Tony Cortes do not look like squatters. The suburban apartment they’ve illegally occupied since December is free of clutter. Its stone floors shine while two poster-sized pictures of daughters Jennifer, seven, and Ariadna, 11, hang on gleaming … Continue reading

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Survey: World’s opinion of US, Obama slips

Global overall confidence in and attitudes toward the United States have slipped since the beginning of President Barack Obama’s presidency, a new survey of 21 countries by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Projectshowed. But while confidence in Obama — … Continue reading

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EU forces attack Somali pirates on land for first time

Europe’s naval force patrolling off the coast East Africa said on Tuesday it had attacked Somali pirate installations on land, the first time it had conducted such an action since extending its remit from strictly to sea-based operations. Initial reports indicated … Continue reading

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