5 Responses to Contact

  1. Janine says:

    I love this blog! Thanks for sharing….

  2. Rick W says:

    Memo to F. Brinley Bruton: Stop hiding your gender when you write. Another Memo to F. Brinley Bruton: Women in combat and on the front lines is not right. What you are promoting is a travesty of human kind. War is a terrible thing and putting women in combat makes us a less civilized society. Women in combat should be considered a last resort. Is it possible your feminism is getting the best of you?

    • Hi Rick W,
      Thanks for reading and writing.
      War is terrible. The sheer waste of life, resources and talent can hardly be described in words. The fact that people can and do emerge with their humanity astonishes me. So no, I don’t support anybody going to war. I actually don’t have strong feelings about whether women should fight, but the decision that they can / should has been made by others, which is why NBC News ran the story I wrote.
      As for my gender, I don’t hide it — it took me a couple of seconds to find pictures of a female-looking me on google.
      Hope you have a good day, and keep reading.

  3. Rico Bandello says:

    No doubt you are a formidable journalist and the work you do is hardly as easy as some would imagine. I read an article concerning a shooting that took place on Bourbon Street in New Orleans on the 9th of February, 2013, and it brought to mind a curiosity that I will share. I seems common that when a caucasian is involved the race of that person (s) may not clarified however a “black” person’s race is certain to be clearly pointed out. This seems to be a matter of routine and strikes me as rather odd.

    • Dear Mr Bandello,
      You raise such an important issue. While I initially included race of those thought to be involved because it was part of the police report, I discussed what you said with my colleagues and we all ended up agreeing with you. The story has been changed.
      Thank you for taking the trouble to write.
      Best regards,

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